Ticket Voting
Identification of Voter Choice:  Design

1870 Regular Union Republican and Tax Payers, San Francisco.

CHS5097_009 & 009v
Courtesy of the California Historical Society, San Francisco

This is the Regular Union Republican and Tax Payers’ Ticket for the Friday September 2, 1870 election of city and third ward officials in San Francisco. Note the distinctive image and the number 3 on the back of the ticket and the spiral presentation of Frank Flaherty, candidate for supervisor. There were many tickets produced by this group, with the intention of electing their preferred candidate for county supervisor. Competing Tax Payers’ Ticket presented the same candidates as the party indicated at the top of the ticket (Union Republican, Democratic etc) for all offices except supervisor; the party’s choice was Edward Flaherty. The spiral presentation was to foil anyone pasting a strip of paper with an alternative candidate’s name over Flaherty’s

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