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1856 Democratic Ticket, Virginia

Hf30 10
Courtesy of the Huntington Library

This handsome ticket of the 1856 Democratic Party candidates for President and Vice President was printed by Ritchie and Dunnavant of Richmond, a firm which advertised itself as “Printers to the State of Virginia.” The ticket is signed on the back as per the directions on the front; it was spindled to be counted as evidenced by the hole in the top left side. This may be the ticket cast by John C. Gibbs, a merchant in the small town of Port Royal, an important shipping point fifty miles northwest of Richmond, on the Rappahannock River.  The election was held on a Tuesday, November 4, 1856; eight years and five months later, on April 26, 1865, John Wilkes Booth would be killed by Federal troops at the Richard H Garret farm on the outskirts of Port Royal.

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