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1836 Virginia Democratic Party ticket, Virginia

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Courtesy of the Huntington Library

This is the 1836 ticket of the Virginia Democratic Party ticket for president and vice president. The “pasting” of an alternative name – James Gibson, District 15 – as one of the 23 members of the Party’s Electoral College delegation reflects the volatility in the Party’s Electoral College slate: at least eight electors were replaced during the days before the election.  Virginia Democrats had objected to Johnson at the Democratic convention on the public grounds that he was a supporter of the Bank of the United States and on the private grounds that he had a common law marriage and two children with Julia Chinn, a former slave he had inherited. When the members of the Electoral College met after the election to cast their votes, every member of the Virginia delegation voted for William Smith of Alabama (who was not on the ticket) as Vice President. In so doing they deprived Johnson of the constitutionally required majority by a single vote, forcing the choice of the vice presidency into the Senate. In February, 1837 the Senate convened to choose the Vice President of the United States, the only time it has done so, and chose Johnson.

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